Quiet As a Mouse


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So it is quite interesting to me the differences in those who insist upon shushing and those who need loud, intense expression. Let me give you a few recent examples.

Mr. Salesman is a vibrant, attractive man in his early 40’s. He works out, is quite buff and kisses like a fiend. But…yep, there is a but….Although he stays in an upscale hotel, top floor, corner suite – he is quite the nervous one about noise coming from his room. I found that to be, well, different. He was extremely hyper-sensitive to even whispering at times ~ kind of unique, hmm?

Then there is Mr. Right. He wants the entire world to know when he is getting some action, especially at particularly moments. Interestingly enough, this does wonders for me and my esteem ~ it’s like “wow! I did this!” And Mr. Right is well, Mr. Right. Nuff, said.

or, Mr. Coffee who is romantically sweet and kind in every way. Understated elegance and handsome, Mr. Coffee is the consummate gentleman who completes the task with romance in every move. Never shushes, always gentle, sweet, even loving if I may use such a word here.

For me, my personal preference is to be as loud or as quiet as I feel like being. I do not appreciate being shushed…never have I been too loud (I thought) until this week when Mr. Salesman shushed me. Ok, honestly, it kind of ticked me off and aggravated me. I thought he was being a bit ridiculous.

How about you, darling reader? Have you been shushed before, or, on the flip side – told to “speak/moan up?”


New Experiences


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So I have not been working lately…not sure why, just that’s the way the ball rolls I guess. Then I get a text from Ms. Madame asking if I would be interested in a 12-hour date and well, yes, I imagine I would be since I have not worked in over two weeks.

But I have to be honest with you, or with someone at least ~ I am a bit nervous.

I have not done a 12-hour date. This gentleman is supposed to be quite the romantic and seeking companionship and romance. Well, ok. But still, I’m insanely nervous ~ almost like going on a first date!

I’m wondering what to wear. I need to get my nails done. My hair touched up….all those lovely glamorous beauty regiments we gals do before we go on a real first date. But then, it’s not. Is it? A real first date?

Ah the internal struggle.

Then the latest message is a recent “friend” wishes for me to travel during December to visit him. Well it would all be fine and dandy except for a little thing called a steady…

My dilemma:
shall I simply lay it out?
the bf “rescued” me from sex work
he was first a client, now a bf and somewhat provider
but, i don’t think it is ever going anywhere…and there are things i need to do to provide for myself and my children…
so, aargh! i hate the lying that comes with this whole industry!
i don’t mind so much the role playing, the acting ~ but the lying to those closest to me is so damn hard
and i’m not great at lying, or maybe it’s that i’m too good at it when i want to be that i really don’t want to be; does that even make sense?

So if this stream of consciousness journal writing experience made any sense to you and you have words of wisdom you can offer I would be forever grateful.

Relationships and the Escort


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I have struggled with this area in my life in so many ways. To give you a bit of background, I originally got into the industry with the wholehearted backing of my now ex-husband. We were struggling financially and for a variety of reasons escorting simply seemed like the only option at the time.

It was not long afterward that I asked for the divorce – more to do with his step-parenting of my children while I was out at night. My children are teenagers – and he just did not know how to appropriately deal with them, much less keep hidden from them my other life. I am not quite sure how relationships remain strong when you’re in the sex business. There are so many men who become “regulars” and want to be emotionally attached for the short amount of time allowed – at least that has been what I have encountered.

So….my entire family found out about my job. My children enjoyed reaping the benefits; however, they also complained to their friends about their mom’s choice of occupation. My mom did not talk to me for a couple of months; my siblings even longer.

None of them have any idea I am back in the workforce.

What has been your experience? What do you recommend? Complete full disclosure or a life of secrecy? Is there anyone else working in this business with kids? I would love to hear your thoughts.

Question of the Day

There are a few questions I get asked on a regular basis. I thought over the next few days I would share some of those questions along with my honest answer.

Let’s start with a general but typical question: What are you thinking just before you meet the next stranger?
Well, usually I am psyching myself up for the “game.”

I have a playlist I listen to on the way to an appointment. Below is just a sampling of the songs on that playlist:

Hell on Heels by Pistol Annies
Sexual Healing by Marvin Gaye
Let’s Get It On by Marvin Gaye
Wicked Game by Chris Isaacson
This Is How It Works by TLC

And I give myself a short pep talk & say a wee prayer that all goes well.

Now if YOU have any questions you’d like for me to answer, feel free to email me at sweetgypsysoul@yahoo.com. I will answer your questions via the Question of the Day unless you request otherwise.

The Top 5 Things Your Escort Provider Wishes You Knew


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I have only been in the escort business for the past four years, but in that short time, I have come up with a list of top “wishes” many of us providers have expressed throughout my brief stint.

  1. Many hotels are kind enough to offer complimentary mouthwash. At the least, please stop by a store and pick up a 99 cent bottle of Listerine.
  2. Please don’t be so plastered you do not even know we have entered the room.
  3. And one classic case – most of you behave in a gentlemanly manner with sex appeal but for the rare bird who arrives and behaves in an obnoxious way – well, that’s just no fun.
  4. Ok guys, we ladies love when you smell great. So when you smell like you just stepped off the fishing boat…or your boys are on the quite ripe side of stink sweat, well, it’s a bit hard for us to put our all in all into enjoying the moment.
  5. And lastly, yes, we genuinely like you. But please don’t fall in love with us.

To Be Independent ……. or Not to Be


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from weheartit.comI have operated as both an independent and as part of an escort service agency at any given time. Both have advantages and disadvantages. The primary advantage of course to being solely independent is retaining all of the profit. The primary disadvantage is no one has your back.

Paying that extra fee for an agency to call me out on time, to conduct the screenings and to take care of the “business” aspect of the business, is worth the money to me. Many would probably disagree with me, a lot do not have my pushover personality. . .My darling service agency has taken the time to get to know me, to know my individual personality – needs, wants, likes and especially my dislikes, and they make me feel as though they cater to me while I am catering to the client.

So the question for me about complete independence from an agency is truly no real question – what about you? Guys, would you rather go through a “reputable” agency or call a girl directly? Ladies, do you shun agencies? do you like agencies? are you an agency-owner?