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So it is quite interesting to me the differences in those who insist upon shushing and those who need loud, intense expression. Let me give you a few recent examples.

Mr. Salesman is a vibrant, attractive man in his early 40’s. He works out, is quite buff and kisses like a fiend. But…yep, there is a but….Although he stays in an upscale hotel, top floor, corner suite – he is quite the nervous one about noise coming from his room. I found that to be, well, different. He was extremely hyper-sensitive to even whispering at times ~ kind of unique, hmm?

Then there is Mr. Right. He wants the entire world to know when he is getting some action, especially at particularly moments. Interestingly enough, this does wonders for me and my esteem ~ it’s like “wow! I did this!” And Mr. Right is well, Mr. Right. Nuff, said.

or, Mr. Coffee who is romantically sweet and kind in every way. Understated elegance and handsome, Mr. Coffee is the consummate gentleman who completes the task with romance in every move. Never shushes, always gentle, sweet, even loving if I may use such a word here.

For me, my personal preference is to be as loud or as quiet as I feel like being. I do not appreciate being shushed…never have I been too loud (I thought) until this week when Mr. Salesman shushed me. Ok, honestly, it kind of ticked me off and aggravated me. I thought he was being a bit ridiculous.

How about you, darling reader? Have you been shushed before, or, on the flip side – told to “speak/moan up?”